Does the South African government really expect us to believe they care?

Wow! What a low-down dirty stunt for a Minister of Parliament to pull? For those who have somehow missed this great act of showmanship from arguably, SA’s next President; Tokyo Sexwale, the Human Settlements Minister (Minister of Housing to us plebs), spent a cold winter’s night in a common shack, in an informal settlement known as Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg.

Sexwale, a multi-millionaire businessman who only recently joined the government as a Minister, defended his publicity stunt as a legitimate information-gathering exercise. He supposedly wanted to experience, what the common people without formal housing go through, on a cold night. However, any reasonably intelligent person does not have to actually sleep overnight in a tin shack, to know that it would be a cold, uncomfortable experience. It’s just common sense. By all accounts, from media correspondence, most people are not fooled, and see it for what it is.

There are better ways for a government Minister to show poor people that he or she “feels” their pain. Not spending tens of millions of tax-payers Rands on luxury cars, houses and lavish victory celebrations, comes readily to mind.

What can we expect next? Maybe, the Health Minister administering an injection of the HIV virus to himself to “feel”how it is to suffer through this dreadful disease, which the former ANC government failed to give any attention to? Methinks not.


3 thoughts on “Does the South African government really expect us to believe they care?

  1. Ha! ha! You think? He does have television experience. And he does have charm. But would he give up his mega-millions?

    No, I think he has bigger ambitions; such as the future presidential position.

  2. He obviously wont give up the nice and warm nest he has built for himself. Instead he would want to grow it even more.
    You are quite right on his presidential ambitions.

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