What did you do on Mandela Day?

For the inaugural Mandela Day yesterday, the world was asked to dedicate 67 minutes of their time to community service.

Why 67 minutes? Well, 67 represents the time in years, that Nelson Mandela spent in the struggle for freedom, and making the world a better place. While many ordinary South Africans and others across the world, devoted time to a multitude of charitable events, a star-studded charity concert was held in New York. However, from all accounts there was charitable activity across the globe on this day, and if successful, lobbyists to the UN could ensure that Mandela Day becomes an annual international event.

And while I mostly only snapped the photographs below, my friends took time to feed the under-privileged people at a local informal settlement:





Sadly, Mandela Day will come but once a year, but those less fortunate need for every day to be a special day, when ordinary people will spare a thought for them. This day proved that it is not hard for us to make a difference in the lives of not only those who are poor and hungry, but to everyone who is a member of the human race. What we need is more people caring more about less.

And as I close, the call from Mr. Mandela echos in my mind:

it’s in our hands