To Turd Majority

I’d like to wind down spleen venting week with a tribute to a special group of South Africans. With the vote count  in the recent general elections almost complete, it is becoming evident that the incumbent ANC-led government will either maintain their two-thirds majority or come pretty close, thanks to this special group of people.

Religion and politics has enjoyed a unique affinity, and it seems that the ANC decision to re-acquaint itself with the Church, just prior to the elections (as part of their election campaign), seems to have paid handsome dividends. The results speak for themselves. This tribute is for all those who demonstrated their undying faith in the ANC, and Jacob Zuma.


Ah yes, be proud of your achievement. Populism, err I mean democracy wins again…

The Times on-line, 24 April 2009

The Times on-line, 24 April 2009

And in closing, let me leave you faithful people with a word of caution: while waiting for your rewards, please try not to bend over

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