Enough already, of this Bollywood hijacking of the Indian Premier League

Okay, this is officially the start of spleen busting week. And my first victim of anger is Bollywood and the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament that has been relocated to South Africa, from India.

I actually love cricket, and it’s great having so many former and current cricketing stars all in South Africa at the same time. Everyone’s also saying how good the tournament’s relocation is going to be for us, in terms of the foreign revenue that will be earned. But, did they have to drag Bollywood along to South Africa for the ride as well?

You see, I’m really peeved at the way ageing Bollywood stars are using the IPL to grab whatever media attention they can, and milk it for all its worth. Every time you hear something about the IPL, there is always mention of some or the other Bollywood star as well and it’s just sickening. I know that some of these ageing stars have shareholdings in the cricket franchises participating in the tournament, but couldn’t they just remain behind the scenes and allow the cricketers to the fore? I really don’t need the song and dance routine every time one of the cricket teams are mentioned. I mean, it’s just not cricket!

Could you Bollywood stars please get out of my face already, so that I can enjoy some cricket?

1 thought on “Enough already, of this Bollywood hijacking of the Indian Premier League

  1. I have to agree. I personally can’t stand Bollywood movies, too much singing and dancing and all the actors ad actresses look exactly the same! I watched the procession in Cape Town and enjoyed seeing so many of my cricke5t heroes up close. But my goodness, I just can’t get up and GO to matches or really watch them on Supersport because it’s all just too much!!!

    The just ended series against Australia was good. And sane. I’ll probably catch up later and watch the semis and final.

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