A Week of Eruptions continued…

I was hoping that the week that started so badly, would not have to end that way either,  but it could not have ended worse than it did. Pope Benedict’s disastrous foray into Africa has ultimately claimed the lives of two innocent women in Angola. Apart from the two women who were crushed to death in a stampede at a stadium where the Pope was scheduled to address young Angolans, about 40 others were hospitalized. Although His Pompousness “regretted” the deaths of the two women, it was not enough to dissuade him from continuing with his scheduled appearance; apparently death and destruction is still an acceptable consequence (after thousands of years) of bringing the “word of god” to the masses of sinners out there.

As a final event in Angola, the Pope was scheduled to hold Sunday Mass (delusion, presumably) at a vacant site near a cement factory. One can only hope that attending worshippers who wish to be “one with god,” don’t in fact become one with the hard ground there.


4 thoughts on “A Week of Eruptions continued…

  1. You write beautifully, which is indeed very rare in blogging. I share too, you feelings about religion, I don’t however concur about Jacob Zuma, but thats neither here nor there I suppose.

    I enjoy the way you write.


    • Glad you like it; I’ll remember to send you an advance copy of my first book, if it ever happens.

      As for JZ; I’ll tone down my criticism, if he sets a better example for a leader…

    • JP, the pleasure is all mine; I’m just chuffed that there are people out there like you, who understand that differences of opinion can exist and we don’t have to kill each other because of it…

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