What’s So Surprising? Jacob Zuma at Rhema Bible Church?

So Jacob Zuma spoke at the Rhema Bible Church on Sunday, and now all theists, mostly Christians are up in arms. I can’t understand why everyone is pointing fingers at Zuma, since he was invited by Rhema’s Pastor Ray McCauley to address the congregation. Zuma is just another opportunist politician, who saw a chance to assault the public and media with his unsavoury presence once more, and grabbed it. No problems there.

I’m surprised that it does not happen more often; politicians are as much home behind the pulpit as preachers. Both politicians and preachers share a common interest; self-interest. The preacher uses fear and religion to achieve his goal and the politician uses fear, misinformation and plain old lies to achieve his. The tools off course work equally well for both, so it is certainly not out of place for Zuma to be in Church, using religion to scare up a few more votes. I’m sure once elected, Zuma will return the favor to Pastor Ray, when he requires “political backing” for one of his “religious” ventures.

Yes, religion and politics make great bedfellows; the only problem is that the resultant sexually transmitted disease affects only the poor observers.

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