Why I Will Not Vote in the Upcoming Elections!

The American Presidential Elections has come and gone, and with record numbers of people voting, it’s no surprise that election fever has gripped South Africa as well, what with this being election year, and the voting date now set for April. However, for me, there is no election fever, just a throbbing headache from all the lies and deceit that accompanies election campaigns.

Maybe I’m just cynical and unappreciative of the hard-won right to vote, that so many fought and died for. But you will excuse me for having grown up during Apartheid’s most vicious years, then experiencing what it was like to vote for the first time, being suckered into believing that I would finally enjoy the fruits of democracy, only to see it all being sucked down the toilet, year after year, after year.

Political Parties will always offer people what they want, not what they need. Political Parties will always claim to be different from one another; they will pander to the ultra-liberal, the conservative and the moderate, the religious and the secular, the rich and the poor, decent folk and criminals, but also to right wingers, and other assorted nut-jobs. However, while the Parties all claim to be different, generally the politicians from these organizations always remain the same; slimy, deceitful, lying scumbags who are primarily concerned with looking after themselves. That has not changed since time immemorial, and never will. And South Africa has some outrageously prime examples; oh! boy! they sure don’t come slimier than SA politicians. Take a look around; I’m not saying they’re all bad, but the the good ones are really rare and kind of lost in a sea of  lies, corruption, incompetence, back-stabbing, nepotism, opportunism, disrespect for constituents, cover-ups, scheming, and more lies.

And that is why I will not vote.  Elections are about change, and in South Africa, politicians don’t change; sure, they change political parties often enough (looking out for a better deal for themselves is what they do particularly well), but in all other respects they remain slaves to their despicable political breed.