Goalless Gunners

I have this Arsenal peak cap which I wear with pride. A friend asked me today why I still display my support so openly,  especially after the Gunners recent poor form. I replied, that it would be really fickle to ditch a team just because they have a few bad games. This evening finds me wondering philosophically about my belief in the team.

Being a fan of a sports team is like falling in love, experiencing pure passion, bitter quarrelling, feeling like strangling your partner, making up, and feeling the joy again. Yes, Arsenal has led me through, sheer ecstasy when they are firing at their best, beating up the furniture when a goal is missed, having bitter arguments with friends, then forgetting why you fought when watching a game of sheer brilliance again, jolting you to remember why you are still supporting the side. Watching Arsenal recently is an emotional roller-coaster ride of absolute joy and nail-biting expectation, interspersed with sheer frustration and downright anger. Also, I’m a purist and watching Arsenal play on a good day is like watching poetry in motion; no other team plays more beautiful football.

But, I’ve accepted the commitment and it’s going to be a long-term “marriage” – ’till death us do part. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Like a marriage, we have to endure the good times with the bad. It can only get better.

In Arsene We Trust…