A Heck of a Day for South Africa, China; Not So Good for Australia

Wow, what a day this has been. First up it’s the Chinese New Year today, affectionately known as The Year of the Ox, or more formally as Ji Chou. Today is also Australia Day, which commemorates the founding of Australia in 1788. Finally, large parts of the world witnessed an annular eclsipse of  the setting sun in the east and the rising sun in more westerly parts.

On this day South Africa marked 500 days to the ultimate football spectacular, the FIFA World Cup Finals to be held in 2010, with various celebrations. The South African National cricket team also celebrated a memorable tour down under by wrapping up the ODI cricket series against Australia, having already won the test series. The occasion is historic for South African sport as this is the first time a test and 1-day series has been won by South Africa, against Australia, in Australia. With results like these and Giniel de Villiers winning the Dakar Rally only last week, the last Rugby World Cup in the trophy cabinet as well, South African sport is certainly looking good.  There is a definite swing from the Aussies to the Springboks in Southern Hemisphere sport.

So, happy new year to the Chinese, happy Australia Day to all down under, commiserations to the Australian Cricket team, and good on yer South Africa for eclipsing the Aussies.

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