Everyone’s a Millionaire in Bob’s Own Zimbabwe

Mad Bob's Crazy Money

Mad Bob's Crazy Money


With Zimbabwe’s inflation running in the hundreds of millions, printing new banknotes has become an almost weekly occurrence. Everyone’s walking around with billion dollar notes; lots of them. One could quite literally say that every Zimbabwean is a millionaire; no wait, billionaire actually. Only yesterday, Mad Bob’s lunatic government started printing 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollar notes. Yes, that’s 100 followed by 14 zeros!!! SO now, we have trillionairs also in Zimbabwe. And Mad Bob’s pleased as punch because his country is the only one in the world with trillionairs.



Pocket Money?

Pocket Money?




Only in Zimbabwe, your kid’s pocket money won’t fit in his pocket.






Weekly Shopping budget?

Weekly Shopping budget?










Going shopping can be fun, if you can find anything to buy, that is. But you need a shopping trolley to carry your money in, and a free hand to carry your shopping.


Restaurant Bill?

Restaurant Bill?




Being able to eat out is always nice. Just make sure you have a valet to carry your cash to settle the bill!!!


3 thoughts on “Everyone’s a Millionaire in Bob’s Own Zimbabwe

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words…Lucky ole Gracie M…able to finance her recent shopping spree in Hong Kong by drawing on scarce forex from the Reserve Bank.

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