ANC receiving negative criticism because of dumb-ass leadership

Billboard Sign in Soweto

Billboard Sign in Soweto

For South Africans who are hell bent on discrediting the ruling African National Congress (ANC), this photograph of an altered election campaign billboard, must be extremely amusing. Well, actually, even I find it hilarious.

However, the reference to crime which has been added to the election slogan is unfairly slandering the party, because most of its current leadership from the national to provincial and local government, are perceived by the public to be indulging in somewhat criminal activities. This perception is borne out by several scandals which have rocked the organization, most notably the arms deal fiasco of several years ago.

The ANC which was largely responsible for liberating South Africa from Apartheid, started with noble ambitions and had highly respectable leaders; Nelson Mandela, now retired, still holds large parts of the world in awe at his achievements. In recent times, the former good leaders have made way for a younger, disrespectful, immoral, corrupt and incompetent group of so-called leaders, whose every action speaks of self-enrichment and contempt for the citizens of this country.

The rot seems to have started with former President Thabo Mbeki, who surrounded himself with incompetents and yes-men at all levels of government. Since he was unceremoniously booted out of Government, the infestation however, continues to grow with President-in-waiting, Jacob Zuma’s alleged involvement in unsavoury activities tarnishing the ANC’s reputation even further.

However, all is not lost. There are still a few good leaders in the ANC who need to show just how good their credentials really are, and whether they have enough influence to turn the tide.