To the Victor, Go the Spoiled

I got up at five this morning and logged on, looking for the latest US Presidential Election results. The first thought that crossed my mind when it became clear that Obama was streets ahead of McCain was that the soil on quite a few graves across the USA, must be looking disturbed, as though…

Anyway, this is not about the dead; this is about the living, learning, citizens of the United States of America that have put personal fears and doubts aside, to elect their first Black American President. Historians could not be denied their chance to write a bold new page in the history books. People of America, take a bow, you have made the world proud. The undoing of the great harm perpetrated on your country by the Bush administration, can now begin in earnest. I am sure the world waits eagerly to walk with you on the tough road that lies ahead.

And so to President Obama I say, savour your victory for now; a great nation spoiled by the excesses of the previous administration awaits your urgent attention. I wish you well on the hard work that lies ahead, to return your country to its former glory.

2 thoughts on “To the Victor, Go the Spoiled

  1. It certainly was a great day in US history and I am proud to have been part of it. Its not often that a person gets to vote in two historic elections in one lifetime. It reminded a little of South Africa in 1994 with the conservatives peddling fear and loosely throwing around words like socialist and communist. In the end good prevailed over evil and the American people spoke very loud and clear – enough is enough and its time for change and to restore America back to the country that the rest of the world is inspired by.

  2. You’re certainly priviliged to have voted in two historical elections on either side of the Atlantic. Anyway, there is a lot of talkj in SA about how our fairy tale transition from Apartheid is grinding to a halt. There will certainly be some hard choices to make next year in our own general elections…

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