The T D Jakes Circus is Coming to Town

Yes folks, pastor T D Jakes, the notorious American evangelist, is blowing into Johannesburg this weekend, bringing with him his “annual” family oriented, conference and revival known as MegaFest. I’m not exactly sure what families do at such an event, but grovelling on hands and knees, submitting enthusiastically to brainwashing, and parting with cash, springs readily to mind.

And why exactly is the pastor coming to South Africa only now? It seems that since the inception of the MegaFest concept in 2004 in Atlanta, attendance figures has consistently dropped from around 500 000 to 100 000 or less in 2006. This alarming trend (to Jake’s that is, who had grown used to the good life, while defending his ostentatious collection of wealth) resulted in the event being cancelled altogether last year. It’s reasonable to surmise that Jake’s is running low on his reserves and needs an urgent cash injection. You know how tough it is maintaining all those houses, cars and the $45million Church called the Potter’s House. So, the resourceful pastor looked up to the heavens and when he got no answer from there, he looked down, South actually, and realized that if a potato farmer can sucker 60 000 odd people into attending a Mighty Man conference, he could surely do better.

When interviewed on MSNBC, T D Jakes said “I think that Jesus is the product” and “when the product is excellent it doesn’t require a big sales pitch.” Since he is now leaving a potentially much bigger target audience to scam from, to come out to South Africa, one can only wonder why the “product” is not selling so well any more. Could it be that Americans are wising-up to religious scam artists? Or maybe it’s just the current economic crises in the USA? Attendance figures for his MegaFest event had already started declining from 2005, so I tend to favour the former argument.

You know what’s even scarier than T D Jakes coming to town this weekend? Nope? Angus Buchan, the potato farmer and upstart evangelist, is also scheduled to host his Mighty Men conference this very weekend in Heidelberg, not too far from where Jakes is hosting his MegaFest. How about that? I don’t for one minute believe that they could have got their schedules mixed up. I am of the opinion that Angus Buchan deliberately scheduled his event on the same weekend to flex his muscles and see how big a (arguably deluded) crowd he can draw, with a big gun like TD in town. It would be interesting to read the attendance statistics after this weekends celebration of gullibility.

8 thoughts on “The T D Jakes Circus is Coming to Town

  1. So Jay, is that the best you can do. I write an entire essay, and you give me a three-word comment. Well Jay, in my books an idiot is the one who gets suckered by the likes of T D Jakes. If you think that spending your life on bended knee, praying to an invisisble, non-existent entity, for absolution, is so damn intelligent, you go for it.

  2. It is sad that you know nothing of what you are talking about. You obviously don’t do research well. Jakes gave far more than he took from South Arica and it is well documented the work done trough out the rougher parts of town… building houses, digging wells in rural areas and so much more… Maybe if you were helping SA instead of criticizing those who do, it would be better off….. I was wondering how many have you helpeed who were poor and distraught over there?

  3. Derrick, so he gave back some of the money he scammed; big deal. How many wells did Jakes dig personally. None? Thought so. Yes, that’s because he has gullible followers such as yourself, who do the dirty work for him, not so? For your information, I am involved in a monthly feeding scheme, where I personally contribute money, time and labour. Yes, I actually get my hands dirty. I have participated in projects to upgrade and paint schools in rural areas. I also donate cash to a few charities on a monthly basis as well. Maybe you find it hard to believe that Atheists can have morals without being religious, huh? You need to wake up and smell the manure you’re standing in.

  4. If you want to be a meat-eating Christian, you must study your Bible.
    That’s why I prefer teaching-ministers rather than those charasmatic speakers who put their own particular “spin” on the gospel. My favorite line in the Bible is “Come, let us reason together.” This shows that God, who made us in his image, does not want us to behave as dumb unruly brutes. He is willing to enlighten man and “reason” – even wrestle – with His creation to show us a better way. He confirms His Word to those who doggedly seek the truth. We can even “check” a speaker, pastor, and the Pope, for doctrinal error IF WE ONLY STUDY! God wants us to do this. Only armed with knowledge of the Word can we escape the serpentine words of a Hitler, or Jim Jones. Both men professed to be God, and their followers believed it! But so many of us are too lazy to seek the truth. We want to be spoon-fed with “tickling words” and catchy phrases. We just want to be entertained – not informed!

    • Hi jo,

      And what if through reasoning you come to realise that the very thing you are studying is based on ignorance and irrational thought processes?

      I concur 100% with you on stydying; but choose your study material with care. Only critical thinking can free you from “serpentine words.”

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