Street Name Changes

I recently received a long list (about 98) of street names in Durban, a large coastal city in South Africa, which are about to be changed, apparently to reflect the transformation about 14 years ago, to a multi-racial, democratic society. It’s happening all over the country, not just Durban.

Personally, I couldn’t give a flying @#!$ what streets are called. They’re just street names after all. It’s quite certain that those deceased who are being honored are in no position to care either. Those still living (or the family and relatives of the deceased) might puff their chests out and cause a nuisance every time in passing, they have to stop and stare at their names up on the street signs, but it’s still just a name on a piece of wood or whatever they use these days to print street names on. Big deal.

What concerns me is the amount of money being wasted on ridiculous exercises like this when it (the money) could be put to better use, given that the country faces all kinds of problems. It also means that I now have to buy new maps for my Garmin again and that really pisses me off. So, to those dimwits who dream up crap like this, put this up on street signs at the city limits, “Welcome to Durban, Now Get Lost, Signed, The morons who changed the street names, while we know we should have rather fixed the potholes instead.”

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