Ethics and Atheism

There was a time, when it was considered unethical to be an Atheist. Fortunately for us, times have changed and independent rational thinking is as widely accepted as the fact that the Earth is not flat and at the centre of the universe. However, it is one thing to adopt a moral position and then behave in a manner that violates the “unwritten” code of conduct or behavior that that position espouses.

Allow me to explain what has lead me into this field of thought. Since my “conversion” back to Atheism, I have become somewhat over-exuberant in making my feelings, discussions and discoveries about Atheism known to all and sundry by sending out frequent e-mails. I was totally unaware that some, if not all recipients would take a dim view to being inundated with information on this particular life-view. Recently however, I received a scathing rebuke from my Uncle in Canada which stated “You’re as harassing as a religionist who is bent on his beliefs.” Initially, I just laughed it off with a not entirely convincing bravado of someone who will go to war for his beliefs.

Thankfully, while on business up North in Limpopo Province for a couple of days, I had a chance to reflect on my behavior, while lying in my hotel room. And it struck me how my enthusiasm for learning and unsolicited sharing of information could be and indeed become “harassing.” I do sometimes become annoyed when I’m bombarded with dubious material for one or the other religion, so why should the faithful (or not) not feel the same when treated similarly. It is thus I come to the realization that ethical behavior is paramount, especially when one has adopted a moral position that should be beyond reproach. Consequently, I am asserting that an evangelical disposition is both immoral and unethical.

For this reason, I will no longer send out e-mails pertaining to Atheism or Theism for that matter. I will however still utilize these blogs to carry on the noble fight for Atheism, because you visit this site voluntarily.


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