Twit of the Week – 04

This week lucky motorist, Absolom Morifi joins a rag-tag pack of politicians and rabid religionists in the halls of twitdom. Absolom may have been lucky in escaping on Tuesday with his life, from a massive pile-up on the N1 in Johannesburg, near the Buccleuch Interchange, which resulted in excess of 20 cars being totalled, but is a twit nonetheless. Here’s why.
Absolom cancelled his insurance policy on the morning of the very day that his car was flattened, together with several others by a runaway truck, and he had to be cut out of the wreckage with barely a scratch. But that’s not the reason why he is a twit, as many people cancel insurance policies when times are tough, to channel money to areas where it is desperately needed. Absolom however cancelled his insurance policy of R1, 400 a month so that he could pay this amount over to the Rhema Church instead as a monthly tithe. Apparently Absolom felt guilty (or more likely was made to feel guilty) about not paying his tithes, when he visited the church that previous Sunday.
You have to be a real twit when you feel your church needs your money more than you do, and you go to the extent of cancelling your insurance policy. I can’t really heap all the blame on Rhema Church here since their business empire is based on raking in the cash by dispensing guilt, and Absolom bought into that willingly. I dread to think how many others are in this same position?

13 thoughts on “Twit of the Week – 04

  1. Praying for you friend. If you ever change your mind about Christianity I’ll be here to answer any questions. He doesn’t cause harm but Satan does.

    • Hi Elyssia

      I’m through with fictitious supernatural characters like god and satan. If I ever change my mind about religion again, please don’t pray for me or answer any questions – rather please bash me over the head with a baseball bat. Thanks.

          • Not at all. It means that you are greatly loved and many people must care about you! By the way I found your tweet about Absolom interesting. It’s disheartening to me as well to hear stories like these where good people are pressured into giving money to the point of self destruction. As Christians we shouldn’t be pressured into giving, but do it because we can and have a desire to help hurting people. I’m blessed to go to a church that doesn’t suck the money out of you.

            • Hey Elyssia,

              I’ve made a point of staying away from Twitter, so you must have seen a share of one of my blog posts.

              The compulsory tithe is a rather unsavory aspect of religion, but when Churches use it for good, such as helping the poor, I guess it’s okay. However, the general feeling I get is that Churches [clergymen] use it for self-enrichment. The ostentatious behaviour of televangelists and mega-church pastors, has done great harm to the image of the church. Let’s not even go into Catholicism…

              • Funny that you mention Catholics! I have a friend who cannot find a date simply because they will not accept someone unless they are a devout catholic as well! I have nothing against them, just wish he would think outside the box a little. 😉 Its so discouraging to me that there are unfortunately many evangelists who have begged for tithes for their own self reward which is terrible. It has been such an eye opener for me to find a church where I can actually see how my tithes are going to benefit the right causes. My area was devastated about a year ago by a tornado. FEMA wouldn’t help at all, but my church used our tithes to help feed those left homeless from the disaster and actually get out there and rebuild homes! Being a part of building a families home after loosing everything was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Without physical labor and money given from our church the community would have not started to rebuild. Though we as humans have to search hard in this evil world sometimes to find chivalry. It is out there, and when we look around and find none, we can create it ourselves. 🙂

                • Hi Elyssia,

                  Kudos to you and your church; nice to know there’s still some good one’s out there. I myself belong to an informal group of guys who contribute to feed the poor on a monthly basis, doing all the work ourselves, including the cooking. It’s completely secular and not motivated by any religion, nor does religion ever enter the equation. So much for morality being influenced/governed by religion. Anyway, enough of my boasting. 🙂

                • Good for you! There are certainly a lot of people in need out there. You might be shocked at the response that I’m about to give you but I’m actually not a fan of religion at all! I agree with you in a sence that organized religion can become entirely too political and more concerned with denominational competitiveness than winning souls and helping the hurting! This is why I belong to a non denominational church. It was so hard for me to find one that wasn’t judgmental but God led me to it. I think religion is a bunch of organized idiots sometimes but the only thing that matters is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and experiencing his love to the fullest without all the religious hierarchy! That love is indescribable!

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