A passing shot…or desperate Christians Part 2

Remember my “friend” from the other day, the one who responded to my heated mail disputing the claim that NASA scientists had proved the bible to be true? Well, after the last response to him (the one that made me feel sheepish afterwards), he responded again saying that I should leave him be and get on with my life, this after he had initiated the debate.

It’s not surprising really, there’s nothing new about theists who either cut and run when the debating gets tough, or rehash tired old religious dogma and present it as new evidence. Theists have said nothing new for thousands of years, and yet they still persist in attacking, and worse, ignoring new scientific evidence which has become stronger year after year. The more science prooves that they are delusional, the deeper they dig their heads in the sand (aka, religious texts). I am sure my “friend who shall still remain nameless” has gone to his pastor to seek solace and reaffirm his faith.

It being Sunday, I am convinced that the sermon today, in a certain church in Durban is going something like this:

And I say to you brethren, as we approach the end days, there will be false prophets walking the earth who will entice you to give up your faith. These false prophets are the henchmen of the devil, and there will be one who is called Lenny. Be aware of the devil called Lenny as he will surely create turmoil in your mind and tempt you away from our Lord as he recently tried with brother “name withheld”.

Boy, I wish I could be a fly on the wall of that church…

Feeding frenzy at the sharktank, Durban

It is done. The Sharks are through to the semi-finals of the Super 14 rugby tournament. The excesses of yesterday’s cheering and after-match celebrations are very evident this morning as I nurse a slight hangover. It was great though to see a highly talented team finally hit their straps after a rather mediocre season. Considering that the Sharks topped the log last season and were “beaten” by the Bulls in the finals only through a refeering error, this has been a strange season for them. Well, all’s well that ends well; it may be a good thing that they are peaking right now for the final games. As always I’m truly impressed by Ryan Kankowski, “Beast” Mtawarira, Rory Kockott and Jacques Botes, although to be fair the whole team put in a splendid performance yesterday. Running in 7 tries to 3 against the Hurricanes was quite impressive. Can’t wait for next weekend when they take on the Waratahs. Go Sharks!!!