Exposing the Irrational

I have posted a few blogs already which question irrational beliefs, especially those concerning religion, and I intend to continue to do so, as new information comes to light. While catching up on the latest debates raging in the pages of Google Groups, I came across a person by the name of James Randi, who appears to have spent the greater part of his life exposing and debunking claims of supernatural powers such as those by faith healers, and by all accounts seems to be quite a well known sceptic. Instead of explaining in detail some of his work, I have attached a few videos from YouTube which I believe are self explanatory.

James Randi exposes Uri Geller and Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff vs James Randi 2007

James Randi examines faith healing

James Randi and an Astrologer


6 thoughts on “Exposing the Irrational

  1. Dear Sir,congratulation because you have seen good that peter popoff and his wife are real mother fuckers.They robe me for 8 years(financialy).They are able to rende you sick by those point of contact that they do tell people to keep in their wallet,on their body or to wear.Those point of contacts are satanical and their mission is make sick or increase the one you have before and also they can give dreams or reveal to popoff what they see or hear from you and in accordance popoff will write you a letter that seduce you and make you think that it is God that reveal to him what had happened by you.Popoff sells our emails and mails and this can surprise you but it’s true, I have prove and more and more but we must do something to stop this it’s will be a blessing.God bless you.
    Sorry for my English.

  2. Hi Joseph,

    I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been a victim of this scam artist, Peter Popoff. If you have time, you could perhaps leave a short account of what happened here on Comments, so that others may be aware of what to look out for.


  3. Hi lenny , even in Christian circles Peter popoff is known as a phony , he’s not even a Christian or a religious person but a phony. There are many real Christians out there who do move in the gifts of healing,word of wisdom and knowledge . I’v seen it with my own eyes.

  4. Hi lenny , Here are a few trustworthy Christian ministers who have been used by God in the gifts of healing and other gifts.Two have passed and one is still living : Smith Wigglesworth , Lester Sumerall , and Joe Jordan.

    • Trustworthy? By whose reckoning? The first two guys are dead, so there’s no way for them to prove anything. Everything about them is just hearsay. I mean Wigglesworth claims to have raised people from the dead, even his wife? Seriously now!!!

      As for Joe Jordan: he apparently “counsels” alien abduction victims who can end their abductions by calling on the name of Jesus Christ. He further believes that abduction researchers cover up this “fact” within the UFO community. He’s trying to insinuate that abduction researchers have a bad enough time getting people to believe their adduction tales, but if they started reporting that Jesus makes the abductees “get away,” their credibility would drop to below zero.

      The next time I’m abducted, I’m going to shout “Jesus” three times, and if I’m not released, but wind up on planet Zuton, I’m going to fib on Joe; yes I’m sending my abductors right back, to abduct Joe Jordan so that I can sock him one real good.

      Febe, dude, these guys are charlartans, fakes, frauds. Your need to believe is still very much stronger than your need to reason and question.

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