The great powwow that wont be

Recently, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced that he would be inviting world leaders to a summit in Rome, some time in June this year to discuss the global food crises. When I heard this on the news, it immediately reminded me of all the other “summits” that have been convened in the past, where international governments sat and talked about various crisis facing the world… and which came to basically nothing.

Small fortunes were wasted each time, when the governments of the world were feted for days, even weeks, in luxurious conference facilities, sometimes in exotic get-away locations around the world. These gatherings usually achieved remarkable success in only emitting lots of hot air and little else. These were nothing more than elaborate talk-shops designed to maintain and enhance the aura of self-importance around pompous-asshole-governments around the world. While these egotistical bastards sat around bickering and arguing, the troubles of the world grew greater, the peoples that were meant to be helped, sank into greater despair. The governments of the world returned home, made commitments, formed committees, emitted more hot air and very little was actually done to solve the problems.

The global food crises will not be solved by world governments who are not in the business of solving problems – they create them. The problem can only be solved by relevant special interest groups, big business with genuine social responsibility programmes and ordinary caring individuals. The governments of the world need to get out of the way, remove all red-tape and let these groups and individuals get on with the job of tackling and solving world crisis.

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