A Singing Sensation?

Over the past weekend, my friends and I were treated to a star performance by a little underprivileged girl, at a home for abandoned kids, where we were conducting our monthly social responsibility exercise. We have a group of dedicated guys who get together once or twice a month to do our bit for those less fortunate, usually by providing cooked meals. We call ourselves “Daxina Feeding Scheme” or DFS for short.

Enough about us, back to this remarkable child. While capturing this video, I was struck by the utter devotion, passion and obvious effort (for want of a better description) the child was putting into the song. It was an emotional moment. The child obviously has talent which needs to be nurtured. The guys from DFS have set up a meeting with the preacher of the Church this child attends, with a view to assisting financially or otherwise with regards to this child’s further education and training in the field of music. I hope we can provide the impetus in what could be a promising future for the child.

I tried to get the video as clear as possible and cut out some of the wind noise, while keeping the file size down to a minimum. Hope you enjoy…


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