Lenny’s Theory of Creative Evolution

As I sip a glass of Shiraz and listen to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, a new theory of man’s creation and evolution has just struck me. I shall call it Lenny’s Theory of Creative Evolution. You see, this particular theory proposes two distinct paths to man’s current presence here on earth; there are in fact two branches of man living side by side on earth.

In the beginning, some time after the Big Bang, life started quite by accident as a single cell organism, which over the years evolved into the present form of the one branch of man as we know it today. This branch of man started out primitive and unintelligent, but is continually progressing into super intelligent beings. They are characterized by rational, clear and logical thinking and the ability to take control of, and be responsible for their own lives, free of superstitious fear of the unknown. Although this branch of man is in the minority, it has demonstrated its tenacity in surviving great odds through evolutionary change, and is destined to thrive and succeed well into the future.

The other branch of man was created whole (out of dust) in its current form right at the beginning, by an imaginary super being called God. This branch of man was created in the image of this imaginary super being; strong and intelligent and did not have to bear the agony of change and constantly having to survive among the fittest. However, in all that perfection, there was one debilitating flaw in this species of man; written into its genetic makeup was the “code of servitude”. You see, this imaginary God, in a fit of vanity imprinted this genetic code into this branch of man to ensure their complete and utter dependence on IT (the imaginary God). The “code of servitude” works on the mind, ensuring that it stays perpetually enslaved to this imaginary God through fear and superstition. Clearly, since being created, this group has been in decline ever since.

Thus today, whereas, the branch of man that has evolved is going from strength to strength (a unique characteristic of evolution), the branch of man that was created is doomed to extinction.

OK, so my theory wont wash, but I still maintain that I belong to the evolutionist group.


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