I’m 42

Yep, turned 42 today, at about 1AM this morning to be exact. Actually I feel great for a 42-year-old. Apart from the odd creaking joint and sore muscle, I’m fit as a fiddle. My mind is as lively as it was more than 20 years ago. I’m still searching for the meaning of life and trying to save the world in between.

Normally it would be quite pathetic to be home on your birthday (writing a blog), but this year I’ve decided to have a quite one. No partying for me this year. Jeez, I must be turning into a responsible adult or something.

Think I’ll catch the documentary about plate tectonics on National Geographic, have some wine, then watch some Champions League football later on. Pity Arsenal aren’t playing tonight though. Would have been a great birthday present to watch them trash Liverpool.

Lame right, yeah I know….


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