When the lights went out

When the lights went out, lunacy came out to shine. I’m referring, of course, to those morons at Eskom who think that asking for 53% increase to be added to the cost of electricity for customers, is reasonable. This added to the 14-15% increase already implemented in December last year. Their reasoning is that South Africans are paying too little already for electricity compared to the rest of the world. But, that’s not all: they are asking us to pay 53% more for something they cannot supply in the first place. Are they seriously expecting us to pay more for electricity on a whenever-we-can-supply-it basis.

There’s more: the other idiots in this sorry saga, the government that is, are actually going to set up a committee to consider this request from Eskom. And, apparently part of this committee’s function will be to gauge public acceptability to this ludicrous idea. Yes, these neanderthals in government actually believe they need to spend millions on a useless committee to ask the public if they will accept Eskom’s request. These government fat-cats are so out of touch with the needs of the public (and reality for that matter) that they feel the need to waste time deliberating on such an absurd request.

Aah, when the lights go out, the Southern tip of Africa slowly recedes back into darkness….


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