Feed or Fast

Recently, a truly honourable man of great moral authority, Archbishop Desmond Tutu invited South Africans to join him in a fast for 40 hours over this past weekend. You could go without food or for those so inclined, without technology ie. no computers, i-pods, cell-phones etc. (aptly named a “techno-famine”).

My friends and I however decided to go a different route, a familiar route we have been following every month for a few years now – we decided to feed some of those less fortunate. It was just coincidental that we chose this particular weekend, as we normally either utilize the first or last weekend of the month. I make no excuses for the fact that we did not fast ourselves nor did we forgo the use of technology. We personally just do what we can in our own way. However, I do think the 40-hour famine is a noble scheme to aid World Vision in supporting hungry and destitute children and whole communities across Africa. I therefore fully endorse the effort and encourage others who are not inclined to become involved in feeding schemes of their own, to support World Vision.

I do not believe that this call for a 40-hour fast is a once-off appeal, and World Vision requires donations, sponsorships etc. on an ongoing basis. If you require further information, please visit http://www.worldvision.org.za/component/option,com_40hourfamine


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